lunes, 4 de abril de 2011


Sometimes I wonder, what would I do if I wake up and you're not here anymore? What would I do if you stopped loving me? Would I cry? Would I laugh? Would I die or go in to a deep depression? I really don't know, but I also really don't want to find out, 'couse you're my whole life. In this month an a half you have become much more to me than so many people in a lot more time... So please forgive me for being stupid, for hurting you, and for not being able to see that you love me deeply and that you would never leave me if it wasn't for my ginormous stupidity.
So I'm only asking for one more chance, if I bow it again then you should hate me forever and never be mine again, because my love, you deserve the world and much more than that.
Forever yours. Anna.

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